KITMILES at Material Lab

Q &A with Material Lab

If you had to pick one, what is your favourite material? 

At the moment, I like working with golds and burnished coppers, whether that’s smoky or bright and glimmering. Gold materials have a brilliant radiance and modernity yet are loaded with such history, which is interesting as my work is very much about the deep past and the future colliding to make anew. Gold is such an effective tool for storytelling, it packs a punch if used in the right way.

What project that you’ve been involved with are you most proud of? 

I feel very proud to have worked on the Centre Point Building with Conran + Partners. I can’t reveal any details just yet but it has been a very interesting project.

Back in July, we launched an exclusive edit of wallpapers at the Material Lab showroom.

The focus of the exhibition was to bring together an edit from KITMILES’ collections past, present and planned for the future to underline what the studio stands for and to showcase our work exclusively to media and passers-by. Designs such as Ecclesiastical Botanica, Birds and Chains, and Byzantine, highlight the studio’s excellence in drawing and its award-winning use of colour; whilst Cylinders and Kubrick set the undertone for a futuristic and altogether dynamic exploration of composition and colour proximities.

KITMILES’ prints are an ever-expanding universe, bold and often complex – Kit blends seemingly opposing themes and, in the process, creates the new.