A home in Amsterdam

This month, we take a closer look at the work of interior designer Robin Hendrikse and how he used our Diagonal Gradient rug to maximal effect.

Broadly speaking, Robins work centres around merging lifestyle, fashion and branding into a business which has taken him across the globe. Amsterdam has been his main residence since childhood and as he puts it “this wonderful city has been my home and my total sanctuary”

In 2015 Robin founded his eponymous studio, playfully calling it Robins hood, in the heart of Amsterdam’s hub for creatives. The focus of his studio today is to help individuals discover what style of interior they want and see it realised. His process is then one of exploration, often fostering elements of surprise within the design itself, but always rooted in lightness, fun and accessibility.

Robin earned his stripes during his education at the Amsterdam HMC college for woodworking, furniture and interior design which strengthened his core skills in interior design. Since graduation he has designed many interiors with a similar fresh lightness and helped many of his clients find their comfort in manifesting their inner worlds into their lived environment.

We love how Robin used our Diagonal Gradient rug as a focal point, anchoring an otherwise neutral space, delicately balanced with a range of subtle surfaces and colours. The effect on the room is as if the light which pours so abundantly though the windows is being split, prism-like across the floor.

Robin says that his work can be exemplified as “Dutch design, with a Danish touch” and the hallmarks of quality and attention don’t end there. When speaking to Robin, this ethos seems to come from a deeper purpose enabling him to fully serve his client’s needs. Robin says of this ethos that “The results are different every time, as they (the client) are always full of character. My works therefore are always tailor-made for everyone. Because it is all about them. It is their home, after all”.

Robin says that his aim is simple, to inspire you and make your life a little more beautiful.” We love that.

To learn more about Studio Robins Hood and the interiors magic they create, click here.

Photography by uwvastgoedfotograaf

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