Biophillia Cork


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Colour High Colour
Product Code S-BIO-HCO-COR
Composition Natural cork – paper backed
Roll Width 75
Weight 400 gsm
Pattern match Each 12 m roll contains two matching drops of 3 m (A, B, C and D)
Roll legnth 12
Vertical Pattern Repeat 120
Horizontal Pattern Repeat 300
Fire Rating EN 13501 Class B, s1, d18
Priced By Panel set
Additional Notes Each 12 m roll contains four matching drops of 3 m (indicated by A, B, C and D)
Lead Time 2-4 weeks
Care Brush vacuum clean only

Biophillia exults in the surreal qualities of the natural world. Drawing on the tradition of botanical illustration, highly rendered flora and fauna celebrate the complexity and curiousness of nature. The striking use of colour gives this design a distinct and modern visual identity, and is an expression of the studio’s passion for evoking the strangeness that is ever-present in the world around us. Printed in Preston, England, onto a stunning cork base, the fine detailing of Biophillia combines the sumptuousness and tradition of the Baroque with modern design. This design, as one journalist put it, is “baroque for the 21st century”.

Photographer for project image: Yannes Kiefer

Interior designers: Studio Karhard

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