Surface and Materials Show



We partnered with Material Lab for this years Surface and Materials Show using our Ultraviolet Garden wallpaper as a captivating feature, as an expression of our commitment to innovation in materials and design.

Visitors become engulfed in our Ultraviolet Garden Wallpaper, Newly launched as part of our Wallpaper Series one.

The ‘Humm’ of an autonomous being, the metamorphoses of plant life into a beautiful wall covering. The word ‘Atomic blue’ designed to emulate ceramics against the fizz of modernity, an future opulence where the ornate and technologically advanced coalesce, a future ornament. The hot running of a circuit, a biomorph, a damask, a beautiful future…

Enter the world of atomic blue with the Ultraviolet Garden paper.

A B O U T   S H O W

We partnered with Material Lab, the experimental hub for interior designers looking for innovative materials from both established companies and speculative futures fresh from art school. A beautiful alchemy of artistry and commercially brought together into one presentation.

Designed by Jim Biddulph, This years show sought to bring together the color palette from the Kit Miles Wallpaper collection along side some of the latest color blends from one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world, Dulux. Our long standing commitment to innovation remains true to the core of our ethos and we proudly support Material Lab in our mutual pursuit of excellence in technical innovation and design.

“The showscape used our wallpaper in the atomic blue colourway engulfed the occupants of the space and provided a mesmerising garden of atomic blue, setting the tone in creating dialogue between materials and aesthetic languages both old and new.”

– Kit Miles





Orchids and strange plants evolve into highly ornamental forms over millennia. Ultraviolet Garden speaks of the hidden realities which lay just outside the bandwidth of our senses, describing the wonders of physics and the natural world through ornate and surprising hand-drawn imagery. The design is symmetrical and is considered one of the studio’s key designs with its beautiful soft force of attraction. It is perfect both for large spaces, such as an elegant hallway, or for a smaller space looking to bring future decoration into its design sensibility.

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