Puro Hotel Gdansk

Puro Hotel Gdansk

A Restaurant with a View

 Earlier this year Puro Hotels, known for their distinctive and uncompromising stance on modern hospitality, in collaboration with Hotel Curator duo Double Decker, approached KITMILES Studio to create two custom works. The brief, simply put, was to create magic!

When he started working with Puro Kit selected two patterns from his recently completed collection to work into customised panels for the hotel’s bustling executive bar and lounge spaces. He chose Ecclesiastical Botanica printed onto cotton and Moire on a specially treated antiqued mirror printed using opaque inks.

Custom Service

We believe that, through design, we create valuable moments for human connection. We help turn spaces into destinations and through our custom services, we bring our expertise in contemporary wallpaper to projects to inject the unique into both residential and commercial settings.

Old and new, science and design, simplicity and complexity. Duality gives rise to the complex which needs to be given its rightful place. That is why we are constantly striving to develop and evolve our design rationale in the pursuit of designing something particularly special for our customers.

To learn more about our custom service, contact us at Studio@kitmiles.co.uk

Photography by Anna Stathaki

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