Our Architecture & Design Community

“I adore working with Kit Miles, his attention to detail and dedication ensures the highest level of excellence on every project.”

– Hazel Collins

Holiday House by Hazel Collins Studio.

Featuring Birds in Chains wallpaper in Pinks and Yellows

“We have started using Kit’s wallpapers on our projects and this has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. As you go deeper and deeper into the collection, the potential designs are endless, and yet every option has a real sense of drama and magic. We look forward to doing more and more together over the years.’”

– Tom Rutt

Hamilton Terrace Bathroom by TR studio.

Featuring Overlook Wallpaper in Monochrome

“Kit Miles’ work has the perfect mix of talent, beauty and quality. There is certainly no other product like it that I have ever found, anywhere”

– Steven Favreau

Boston showroom.

Featuring, (from right) Europa, Ecclesiastical Botanica, Pendants and Ornamental Birds

Our architect and design clients are a community of passionate experts working in the field of boutique hotel and high-end residential design. They represent some of the best names in international interior design. 

We encourage community as a fundamental aspect of our studio’s approach. It not only positions how we see our culture today, but how envisage the future. Collaboration toward a mutual goal is where ideas can be shared and new insights surfaced,  it helps to push design into new realms and reveal the yet unrevealed. 

Our clients are brave like our collections. We expect nothing less than exceptional design creating unexpected and exceptional spaces. 

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