Kit Miles + Moooi Carpets

With a growing focus on brokering relationships between designers and manufacturers, the London Design Fair has brought together award-winning surface pattern designer Kit Miles and Moooi Carpets to create an unexpected entrance to welcome visitors to the 10th Anniversary edition.

“The sheer technical ability and creativity of Moooi Carpets along with Kit’s imaginative designs will surprise and delight. It is a very obvious partnership which we are delighted to have established. We are extremely interested to see the outcome.”

Jimmy MacDonald, Founder & Director, London Design Fair

Based on the interplay of shadows and light and inspired by classic Mediterranean architecture infused with London’s urban scrawl and grafitti, Kit Miles’ dynamic design is an apt addition to Moooi’s catalogue of innovative and daring design. The two studios collaborated on a 150 square metre carpet, designed specifically for the foyer of the London Design Fair running from the 22nd to the 25th of September.

“I wanted to consider whether the floor had an innate spatial property to it and, if so, could that be directed in some way through pattern and colour. The printing process used by Moooi Carpets is of particular interest to us since it achieves astonishing imagery in far higher resolution than traditional hand-knotting or tufting methods. We see this as part of our progression into the hotel and leisure sphere. They are the perfect partner for us when it comes to distilling our ideas into applicable solutions for luxury interiors.”

Kit Miles, Design Director