Kimpton Hotel Amsterdam

A blue fabric for the hotel built near water

Biophillia Velvet at Kimpton Hotel



Back in 2016, we were invited to work with Kimpton Hotels latest addition, Kimpton Amsterdam.

They chose our Biophillia velvet for its detailed, modern aesthetic to complement the sleek and sophisticated finish of the other design elements within the space. Now, in early 2017, we have successfully delivered the project to over 274 rooms in the hotel, to a harmonious and startlingly beautiful finish.

The property’s 274 guest rooms and suites feature imaginative yet refined touches such as reading lamps in the shape of birds, abstract interpretations of classic Dutch art, blush marble side tables and satin brass accents. The rooms also draw inspiration from the vibrant blues and emerald greens that have a strong historical resonance throughout the Netherlands.

We cannot wait to share more from our contract projects in the coming year.