Reinvent the bedroom

How to create a modern bedroom sanctuary with bold colours

Bedroom design, unsurprisingly hold huge potential to harness the power of good design. It’s the last space we see in the day and the first as we wake, yet remarkably its power to transform our life’s can often be overlooked.

The kitchen, living rooms and dining tend to be those spaces which seem to work the ‘hardest’ for us, yet our private chambers can hold the key to work for those more, emotional needs. Imagine a bedroom which becomes a sanctuary-like, inspiring place to re charge, rest and in the process, come up with ideas. After all, I am quite sure many of us have read books in bed that have ended up being life altering in some way. Yes, the bedroom, its the this place where we enter our subconscious, and go off into the dream world, so could this become the site of daily re-invention?

So, with all that said, surely this room deserves more thought, Interior designer Martina Pribyslovska thinks so.

Allocating more resources to the textures, surfaces and furniture pieces here have taken on a renewed importance among elite interior designers and their clientele.

In Martina’s project, entitled ‘Modern Seduction’, she has managed to create harmony in finding the balance of opposing forces represented by two adjoining spaces and two big bold colours. First up the gorgeous, burned orange brings warmth and depth whilst a vibrant indigo blue brings a richness and mystery. We love how they appear to ‘fizz’ yet feel completely at home among the field of neutral joinery and paint colours which surround them.

And colour plays an important role in defining the room’s function too. The clients needed a space that worked as a cool break-out room by day, yet by night, it needed to perform as a sumptuous temple of calm and relaxation.

“My goal was to create a modem space that worked well for my clients needs, ideal for both entertaining and everyday living.” Martina says of her design.

Hidden doors and lighting create a mood of simplicity, yet colour brings a twist, enriching the space whilst rationalising the volume of the room into distinctive zones. Here in lays the designers use of our Biophillia velvet.

“The Biophilia fabric was one of the main inspirations for the master suite and the adjoining office space. This rich royal blue colour was perfect, and it just so happened to be the client’s favourite colour.”

“The two rooms became opposite yet interconnecting forces, the yin and yang. The colour found in the Biophilia fabric met with the neutrality of the walls enabled a sense of duplicity and harmony, without which the space would not have felt complete.”

The success of a room is so often about how well seemingly opposing elements are balanced in a way to enable them to help us make sense of things, at its best it serves us to learn how to re envision what is possible.


Interior designer: Martina Pribyslovska


Photography: Drew Hadley

Instagram: @drewhadley


Photography: Adam Benjamin

Instagram: @rokermtl


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