Art Legacy Hotel

Lisbon’s newest gem, the Art Legacy Hotel, pulsates with a unique energy. Located in the heart of Baixa, a district steeped in history and once the bustling center of commerce, the hotel seamlessly blends modern luxury with the echoes of a vibrant past. Stepping inside, one is immediately struck by the harmonious marriage of classic architecture and contemporary design. This captivating atmosphere isn’t merely a result of sleek furnishings and stunning architecture; it’s deeply woven into the very fabric of the hotel, thanks to the artistry of architects Robelo De Andrade and their use of Kit Miles Biophillia Rugs. 

Our signature rugs and carpets aren’t merely floor coverings; they’re vibrant stories told through intricate patterns and rich colors. Each piece resonates with the Art Deco spirit of the building, echoing geometric motifs in a tapestry of jewel tones. Stepping onto them isn’t just a physical experience; it’s an immersion into the artistic heritage of Lisbon, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to each space they occupy. 

Built in the 1920s, the foundations of the Art Legacy Hotel are built upon the Baixa Neiborhood’s golden age. Back then, numbers 175 to 181 on Rua do Ouro housed prestigious companies like Seguros Sagres, and the fashionable Café Cafouro which bustled with artistic and literairy legends, with open windows and elegant awnings.  

However later, time and history took their toll on the area and the building, leading to a period of neglect and eventual decline. Thankfully, a new chapter for this grand building has begun. The Art Legacy Hotel has sprung forward, paying homage to its historical and architectural legacy while embracing everything bold and beautiful envisioned by renowned architect Robelo De Andrade.  

Within this tapestry of modern luxury, Kit Miles’ “Biophillia Rug” serves as a captivating centrepiece, its organic patterns echoing the enduring spirit of renewal and re birth this hotel has come to epitomise. 

The Art Legacy Hotel stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. Our carpets seamlessly complement and enhance the brilliant vision of architects Robelo De Andrade, each element enriching the other. This synergistic approach results in a space that is not just stylish, but deeply meaningful, offering guests a unique experience that blends luxury with artistic discovery. 

Walking through the Art Legacy Hotel is a journey through art, history, and comfort. Kit Miles’ exquisite carpets serve as a guiding thread accenting the space and rooting it in great design underfoot. 

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