Pride Month

K I T   M I L E S

P R I D E  M O N T H

As lockdown begins to ease here in London, the rainbow flag can be seen flying strong out of windows and on top of roofs across the capital. Across the world we are seeing images and signs that change is in the air..

Which is why pride month this year feel more important now than ever, exercising the right to demonstrate, to have your voice heard is a precious freedom, so in this weeks newsletter, I encourage you all to use it.

This time of year comes around and always reminds me, stand up for what you believe in, be who you are without apology. this time around, it seems to me to be about about inspiring the self and opening ones own mind to the change in the air in a spirit of humility and curiosity. Its during these pensive moments In finding inspiration that it then becomes your ability to pass it on and help to others, in the eternal words of Maya Angelou, “if you get, give. If you learn, teach!”.  Its my consideration that passing on insight and passion is how a community begins to see its own inherent value, person by person, adding to a value system which underlines a groups own sense of dignity, belonging and worth, we call it pride.

If one is lucky enough to find inspiration, use it to help others rise.

Our community is vast and has many names, colour, beliefs and people, but for me, really pride month is about the joy of simply being a sentient being, an individual lucky enough to celebrate one simple thing. Love.

The LGBTQ+ community has clearly brought the world an immeasurable wealth of art, insight and intelligence, but its been a hard battle won on many fronts over many years. We take inspiration from those brave men and women who protested at the Stone wall In for the dignity and right to love.

Every day, millions of people everywhere practice courage in being who they are out loud unapologetically pushing back against the forces which may seek to oppress them. We stand with you.

I am proud to be apart of the LGBTQ+ community. Here at my studio it is our shared belief that in creating an environment in which people can show up and be 100% who they are we all unlock potential and its our hope that in doing so, we create a kinder more diverse industry and economy in the process. Shifting our value system has never been more important.

We stand by everyone who dares to dream and do so out loud. Lets render the future through action, advocacy, creativity and kindness.

It just goes to show, when one commits wholeheartedly to authenticity, the opportunity for expression emerges giving us the chance to show who we really are both to our selves and to others and in doing so forming a landscape which is culturally rich and diverse.

Being true to the best version of ones self unapologetically and fearlessly is after all the greatest act of rebellion.

Kit Miles